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Salary of a Web Developer

Aug 3

The salary of a web developer can vary widely based on experience, location, and skills. You can use websites such as Indeed or Glassdoor to research salaries for web developers. You can also talk to other developers to find out their salaries. If you're thinking about becoming a web developer, it's important to understand that the salary of your position is largely dependent on the company you're working for.

What is the average salary of a web developer?

In 2018 the median salary for a Web Developer was $132,760. The salary outlook for Web Developers is much higher if you have specialized training or experience in certain programming languages. A salary of up to $75,500 a year is possible for a web developer with experience and a strong client base. This salary range is based on median pay and does not include metro-specific taxes.

The median salary for a web developer course is $72,090 a year, according to This salary range varies greatly, but it's safe to say that web developers make a substantial amount. With so many benefits, it's no wonder that people are attracted to this profession. It's one of the most lucrative positions without a college degree. Furthermore, many web developers surpass the average and will likely continue to rise.

Depending on the job title, a freelance web developer can earn $75,805 per year, despite the fact that the average salary varies widely. However, the amount a web developer earns depends largely on experience. Software engineers and senior developers make the highest salaries, and freelancers can charge upwards of $60 per hour. Despite this low salary, the demand for web developers is projected to increase following Covid-19.

What are the factors to consider when determining the salary of a web developer?

As with all professions, skill sets are a big factor in the salary of a web developer. A developer's programming skills are the backbone of the job, but other skills such as design and architecture will help them land a high-paying position. PayScale has analyzed web developer job listings to determine the most common and in-demand skills, and the average salary of these developers.

As a web developer, your salary is determined by the type of work you perform. If you specialize in a specific industry, you can build your authority and expertise and command high salaries year after year. Ecommerce companies and technology companies, for example, view a website as a product and directly tie its functionality to their bottom line. Banking and financial institutions also pay a premium for top-notch web developers.

Salary for a web developer varies based on their experience and location. The salary of an entry-level developer is likely to be significantly less than that of an experienced software developer, so it's important to consider your experience level before applying for a new position. You should also consider the employer's reputation when deciding on salary. For example, an entry-level developer is unlikely to get the same salary offer as a senior software developer.

A web developer can specialize in one or more of the following job titles. Some work on the client-side, designing user interfaces. Some work with web designers, while others may perform their own design work. Some use CSS frameworks. Backend developers handle server-side tasks and must know how to develop complex systems. The language and tools they use include PHP, Ruby on Rails, and Python. And web developers can work on a wide range of sites, including intranets, blogs, and online stores.