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What Is The Cost Of A Used Car Warranty In 2022?

Mar 17

Protect My Car Breaks Down The Average Cost Of A Used Car Warranty In 2022


With prices rising for everything from food, gas and utilities... it's more important than ever to get the absoulute best rates when it comes to and extended auto warranty or used car warranty in 2022.

Are you looking for a used car warranty for your used car or vehicle and you're curious about the cost of an extended warranty on your used car, truck, or SUV?

Well, first things first...



Buying An Extended Car Warranty From A Manufacturer Is The Cheapest Way To Get A Warranty For Your Vehicle

When you buy a new car, the warranty is usually included in your purchase.


These plans generally have a set deductible, so if you buy from a manufacturer, the price is usually lower.

Additionally, these types of warranties typically only extend to new or near new vehicles... if you're looking for an extended warranty on a used car truck or SUV, then a used vehicle extended warranty can be just what you're looking for.


If you are buying any type of USED car or vehicle, then this guide on getting a used car warranty for your new-to-you vehicle is going to be very helpful.

Keep reading to find out what some of the most important considerations that you will want to take into account are when it comes to getting the best coverage options and prices possible for your used vehicle warranty in 2022.


The Cost Of Extended Car Warranties Can Vary Widely, Depending On The Type And Age Of The Car You Have

For those who don’t know how these things work... extended auto warranties range anywhere from $1k all way up to $4500 depending upon what kind of plan one purchases.

When shopping around we found that the average extended car warranty cost is about $2,550 though it can range from $1000-$4500 or more depending on what kind of plan, coverage options, and which provider you choose.


Some Of The Most Common Types Of Coverage Costs For Used Car Warranties

Typical coverage is limited to basic powertrain problems, while more extensive and specialized plans can run into thousands of dollars.

The longer the warranty term, the higher the premium. Some warranties only cover a portion of the car's repairs, while others cover everything.

You should shop around for the best price before signing up for an extension on your current vehicle warranty plan.

It can also be beneficial to have an extended warranty for components that you do not often need to be replaced.

Although the cost of repairing a transmission or engine may seem small, it can easily exceed the price of the plan or deductible.

In addition to reducing the cost of repairs, some warranties include coverage for rental cars, roadside assistance, and trip interruption.

While most people do not have to worry about such expenses, having a warranty on these parts can make the difference between a new car and an expensive one.


Whether You Need A New Or Used Car Warranty, Consider Purchasing An Extended Warranty To Protect Your Investment

The right policy will not only provide you with peace of mind when unexpected expenses arise, but will also help you avoid the high cost of repairs.

Further, it may be beneficial to shop around to find a dealer who offers a cheaper extended car warranty.

You'll be glad you did. If you're looking to save money, look for an extended warranty from an independent provider.


Extended Car Warranties Are Essential For Older Vehicles And Used Cars

They have greater repair costs than new cars, so a used car extended warranty can save you a lot of money.

Typically, a new vehicle is not as expensive as a used one, but it's worth checking out the costs to find the lowest prices.

You'll also want to consider the terms and conditions of the warranty and any restrictions on your coverage.

There are many options when it comes to extending a used car warranty, but a good company will offer a reasonable and flexible plan.


While The Cost Of An Extended Car Warranty Is Often Determined By The Specific Plan You Choose, It's Important To Understand The Deductible Involved

This is the most important consideration to make when deciding on an extended warranty.

A deductible will determine how much you'll have to pay if you need to file a claim.

You should be aware of the deductible when choosing an extended warranty.

In some cases, the underlying policy will not cover the entire cost of a repair.


The Cost Of A Used Car Warranty Can Vary Dramatically From Provider To Provider

Furthermore, many plans have a lifetime limit.

Some companies may offer a warranty with a limited duration or coverage, while others might offer a plan with an unlimited number of benefits.

It's important to know the length of a warranty before you decide on an extension.


Some Auto Warranties Cover Only Certain Parts, While Others Only Cover The Engine, Transmission, And Drivetrain

It's also possible to purchase a powertrain warranty, which covers the entire car's engine, transmission, and drivetrain.

Some companies charge a $100 deductible for the coverage.

If you want to pay a lower cost but still maintain coverage, you should consider the extra coverage.

A powertrain warranty will last for at least five years and will likely pay for itself in the long run.

When you're looking for an extended car warranty, it's important to compare the prices between different providers.


It's Also Important To Read The Terms And Conditions Of Each Used Car Auto Warranty Policy So That You Know What Is And Is Not Covered

You'll also want to be aware of any exclusions that may apply.

Some policies do not cover pre-existing conditions, while others do not cover damage that is the result of an accident.

You'll also want to be familiar with the deductible amount before you purchase a policy.

You'll need to consider how much your car is worth, as the deductibles can vary from $0 to over $200.


When It Comes To Used Car Warranties, It's Important To Know What You're Getting

There are many different types of warranties available, and it's important to select the one that best suits your needs.

If you're not sure what type of warranty to buy, an extended warranty can be a good option.

It will provide you with coverage for unexpected repairs and will help you avoid the high cost of car repairs.

Remember to compare prices between different providers and to be aware of the deductible amount and other restrictions.

An extended car warranty can be a valuable investment, so make sure you select the right policy for you.


Find the used car warranty that's right for you with Protect My Car

At Protect My Car we can answer all of your used car warranty questions, providing you with in-depth answers when it comes to getting the very best used auto warranty possible, for the best prices, on your used car or vehicle.

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