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DirectView Holdings – A Stock With Massive Upside Potential

Ashley Bremner



DirectView Holdings Inc (OTCMKTS: DIRV) offers teleconferencing services to the business and the organizations. The company via its subsidiaries operates in two divisions: security and surveillance. Its subsidiaries are DirectView Video Technologies Inc., DirectView Security Systems Inc., Ralston Communication Services Inc. and Meeting Technologies Inc.

DIRV’s subsidiaries are serious growth drivers for the whole group. A recent report on “Video Surveillance Market” forecasts that the overall market is expected to grow from $36.89 billion to $68.34 billion between 0218 and 2023. So, there is no doubt that with increasing concerns about the public safety and security, DIRV is going to be one of the biggest beneficiaries.

DIRV posted tremendous numbers for the year ending December 31, 2017 result with revenue hitting a record $2.9 million, up 531% compared to 2016. Gross profit surged 450% to $1.3 million. Talking of the current year, it has been equally impressive so far as well. In February, DIRV revealed that its year-to-date revenue was up $500k to total $6 million. The company believes that the core factors have helped it to achieve that kind of growth.

Management’s confidence is at an all-time high, and they expect that 2018 would shatter the company records of last year on the back of recent acquisitions and expansion into high growth areas such as cannabis production facilities that are fueling the company’s core model.

“We are starting to see the fruits of last year’s strategic roadmap come into play and tie in with a number of inherent operational advantages right now,” said Roger Ralston – DirectView CEO, in a press release.

For DIRV, there has been a string of positive developments and catalysts over the past year so boosting its stock price. DIRV has made deals with the large national clients on the back of its experienced sales team. Additionally, the company is expanding its infrastructure with a new location in Dallas, TX with strong functional differentiation, including a large lab and tech support area, sales bullpen, shipping, accounting and warehouse.

Recently, DIRV was called in again to design and install comprehensive security and surveillance upgrade at two Park Avenue office towers. The original contract was won by Direct View, and now, the company is again entrusted with the task of upgrading it. Management revealed that the company is already earning hundreds of thousands of dollars from this project and it would continue to flourish.

Talking of the stock, it has been performing well especially over the past few months or so, and is up about 26% year-to-date and around 110% in last three months. Further, there have been volume spikes in the recent months, hinting that the investors are confident about the performance and the management commentary over the future of DIRV.

Final Words

The industry that DIRV operates in looks very promising, and DIRV would be a direct and among the biggest beneficiary of it. This along with the fact that the company has sealed major contracts lately and has strong financial numbers behind it should be enough to entice investors.

Current investors should hold the share for unlocking more value, and those wanting to make a fresh entry in the stock should wait for some correction and start accumulating.

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