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DirectView (DIRV) Holdings Bags More Business As Revenues Grow To Record Highs

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DirectView Holdings is a provider of teleconferencing services and products as well as video surveillance solutions to organizations and businesses. Currently DirectView Holdings consists of two units and these are video conferencing and security. The security unit of DirectView Holdings is responsible for offering technologies revolving around surveillance systems. The surveillance services provided include remote as well as onsite audio and video surveillance.

The video conferencing unit of DirectView Holdings provides teleconferencing services and products making remote meetings a reality for clients by linking participants who are in locations that are geographically dispersed. Not only does DirectView Holdings sell these products and services but also installs video equipment. Additionally DirectView Holdings also sells maintenance agreements. Some of the clients of this unit of DirectView Holdings include government agencies, high tech firms, banks and law firms.

Primarily operates in the United States

The services and products offered by DirectView Holdings are available in the United States as well as across the globe. Internationally DirectView Holdings provides its services via its websites, referrals as well as direct sales force.

Some of the most recent business that DirectView Holdings has garnered includes an order for surveillance solutions and equipment from Dallas, Texas-based O’niel Digital Solutions, an affiliated firm of O’niel Securities. The Dallas firm offers services to companies in the financial and healthcare industries and the surveillance equipment from DirectView Holdings will be used to protect the location. At the moment the technical service team of DirectView Holdings are on site to install new equipment as well as offer upgrading services for equipment that already exists.

“This deal represents our ability to rise to the many challenges faced when protecting business assets off all sizes, including its staff and clients … We are setting the bar higher and higher this year as we prepare to uplist,” said Roger Ralston, the chief executive officer of DirectView Holdings.

New business

Earlier in the month DirectView Holdings was picked to design as well as implement a comprehensive surveillance and security upgrade at two office towers located on Park Avenue. Due to recent events security has become a bigger concern at the towers especially in light of the fact that it boasts of many prestigious tenants. DirectView Holdings had done the original installations and has now been contracted to fortify the towers. At the moment DirectView Holdings is in the final stages of completing the design in concert with the recommendations of the New York Police Department.

Mid last month DirectView Holdings released its year-end results for the 12-month period which ended last year in December. The results show that there was a significant rise in both gross profit and revenue as they rose 450% and 531% respectively. In absolute terms the revenues recorded in 2017 amounted to $2.9 million while in the previous year it was $461,000. Gross profit for 2017 was $1.3 million while in 2016 it had been $229,000. The growth in revenue was attributed to the acquisition of ApexCCTV and Virtual Surveillance, two video surveillance and security firms based in Texas.

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